King Tubby - The King Of The Remix

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Dub is considered one of the most recognizable musical genres in the world and along the way has become the touchstone framework for a flurry of contemporary urban genres, such as EDM, Dubstep, Hiphop, Rap, Jungle, Grime, and Afrodub, all encapsulated remixes of a primordial soundscape that emerged from the mind of a man whose legacy is remembered by few in these modern times.

The King of the Remix, the late great, King Tubby.

Born Osbourne Ruddock in Jamaica's capital city of Kingston at 18 High Holborn Street in 1941, in the crowded heart of downtown, before moving with his mother in 1950 to settle in a brand new bungalow on Dromilly Ave in a section of the expansive community later known as Waterhouse.

Raised in a single-parent home, his childhood nickname was derived from his mother's surname "Tubman", shortened in Jamaican vernacular to "Tubby".

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